About Us



Pan Ukraine is a local travel agency providing a wide range of services in Ukraine and its neighbouring countries.

We have succeeded to become one of the leading tour operators on the Ukrainian market, carefully maintaining our goal of promoting Ukraine as a unique destination for locals and foreigners. Currently we provide full scope of travel services in Ukraine and its neighbour countries.

We approach any request seriously and individually, starting with private excursions, accommodation, own ground transportation, air tickets, combined tours and finishing with incentive and team building programs, conferences, seminars and festivals.


Pan Ukraine was established in 1994 in Ukraine as a tour operator for inbound, outbound, ticketing and transportation services. We have since become one of the biggest travel agencies in the region.

It locates in Kyiv and serves as a reliable service supplier, we succeeded in setting new standards for the tourism industry of Ukraine. Pan Ukraine continues to design and operate the most innovative and exciting itineraries in the Eastern European region. 

The “Agency “Pan – Ukraine” LTD has more than 25 years of history and experience in inbound and outbound tourism.

The company primarily covers the following services:

Business Travels

MICE services

Leisure Travels

Ticket sales

(air and trains)

Charter flights

(business aviation)

The agency holds many official awards and memberships:

2001 – member of the International Association of Air transport (IATA)

2006 –  best versatile operator of Ukraine

2007 – one of the founders of the Association of Leaders of the Tourist Industry of Ukraine (ALTU)

2010 – Best Tour Operator for southeast Asia

2012 – co-founder of Polish – Ukraine Tourism Chamber

2015 – member of CCA (Chinese Commerce Association)

2016 – Best Inbound Touroperator

2017 – UNWTO affiliated member

Whether the purpose of your visit is leisure, pilgrimage, business, culture or any other special interest,
Pan Ukraine will be delighted to welcome all tourists in Ukraine and can guarantee a safe trip!